The fundamentals of our work.

Based on our many years of strategic and practical experience in the sales environment, we see ourselves as a creative – and at the same time pragmatic – source of inspiration and partner for sales-oriented companies in the B2C sector. Theory, but also implementation, is where we are strongest!

Holistic advice.

We pursue a holistic consulting approach. It is clear that developing new and innovative sales concepts and strategies alone is not sufficient. We therefore assists and support you from the implementation of the developed and adopted strategies to the operational practice.

We work out planned changes and adjustments whilst closely involving affected sales and administration staff, and we support them during the subsequent implementation process.

This includes training and education. In addition, there is also often a need for new, qualified sales partners or supplementary marketing and communication measures.

Our mission.


n close collaboration with our customers, we want to drive change and actively shape their future. We identify opportunities and potential risks, and develop individual, effective solutions which result in sustainable competitive advantages and growth for companies.

Our values.


ur work is defined by strong ethical values. Aligned with our mission, our actions are based on the following key values:

Business consulting is first and foremost a matter of trust.

Business consulting is first and foremost a matter of trust.

Loyalty, honesty, and openness are of paramount importance to us. They are the basis for close and trusting collaboration.

We are enthusiastic about our customers’ success.

We are enthusiastic about our customers’ success.

And about the success of the projects that we are allowed to carry out for them. Our customers always come first. Our passion is to provide the best possible outcome. And we are constantly working to become even better in what we do.

Our ambitions are high.

Our ambitions are high.

We are determined to achieve the greatest possible benefit for our customers through work of the highest quality, delivering effective and sustainable solutions for long-term success.

We respect the diversity of people’s views and experiences.

We respect the diversity of people’s views and experiences.

We listen carefully to understand where each of our customers wants to go and what their goals are. Mutual respect is an integral part of our consulting approach.

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