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orporate governance is a process that requires constant attention, regular analysis, a vision of the future of the business, strategic orientation, and rapid response. External support can assist in many different ways, particularly with the often varied and numerous challenges that enterprises face. The following is therefore just a small selection of the range of objectives we would gladly support you with.


  • … want to consolidate and expand your existing customer relationships?
  • … want to enter new markets and gain additional customers?
  • … want to realise higher prices in the market and improve your return?
  • … want to sharpen the profile of your brand and make the brand more tangible?
  • … are looking for additional – direct – sales channels?
  • … are looking for new sales and marketing ideas?
  • … want support with the development of new sales channels?
  • … are looking for support with the strategic reorientation of your company?
  • … want optimal support and conceptual support during your start-up phase?
  • … would like to increase the know-how and quality of advice of your existing sales partners to better exploit sales opportunities?
  • … do not only need new training and training concepts but also experienced, sales-oriented coaches?
  • … need temporary or permanent support rapidly?


  • Strategy consultants and coaches who present a good strategy, but then leave you alone with implementation?

  • Recruiters who you do not know well and have not experienced your market from their own practice?
  • Classic sales training that wants to change behavior in just 2 or 3 days of sales and motivation events?

your answer to one or more of these questions is ‘yes’, let us talk.


e provide you with support in the framework of classic management consulting, interim management, personnel consulting, and training & coaching.

Our consulting fields


s a management consultancy with a focus on direct marketing and direct sales, we offer you a holistic consulting approach. This approach, developed during many years of sales practice, offers solutions in the following areas:

Steps to success


n direct sales, people are the source of success. In order to activate their full potential, they need an enabling environment. It is therefore important to analyse intensively the processes, the organisation and the systems currently in use, as well as any existing plans for the future. Our approach is as follows:


    Our initial conversation is complimentary and serves as a first get-together. It is important for us to gain a detailed overview of the situation: Where do you see your company today? What are your strategic goals and current challenges? After that, we will tell you what we can do, but also what might not be possible. And, hopefully, this will also serve to give you a positive first impression of your possible future consulting partners.


    The analytical phase is characterised by mutual respect. Market opportunities are professionally and systematically evaluated, processes and structures are examined in detail, and the necessary changes worked out. The ultimate aim of this is to create a detailed project plan, on the basis of which further decisions can be made.


    The two phases of solution and implementation are characterised by our aspiration for excellence and our willingness to work hard until and unless we arrive at the ideal solution. All sections of your company are taken into account through various assessment methods and measures, and are actively involved to identify challenges and develop appropriate, unique solutions. When we have worked out a solution together, it is tested – if you want, together with your team. Only then can we know whether or not it could work.


    We assist you in the implementation of the concepts developed, we train staff and we help with the search for qualified sales partners. That way, we can ensure the operational implementation. Of course, we will also remain available to you as a competent partner following the completion of your project.

We should get to know each other!

Would you like to know more about how you can make your successful company fit for the future? Then write us or give us a call.

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