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The customer makes the channel decision!


nline sales have been booming for years and are still generating rapid growth rates. Nonetheless, some direct sellers and retailers still reject e-commerce as a threat to their core business. Their fear: turnover may be „cannibalised“ and must be regained online at great expense. In addition, some fear they might irritate their existing sales reps.

Against a backdrop of changed information and buying behaviour of consumers – who independently make their channel decision – the rejectors take a somewhat relatable but nevertheless strategically wrong decision.


n isolated consideration of distribution channels is not helpful. More reasonable is the consideration of all customer-relevant communication and sales channels as well as their coordinated interplay. An optimal channel mix includes the internet but also the likes of trade fairs, stationary trade, home shopping, telephone sales, and events.

These additional channels are suitable for direct sale. They also serve as points of contact to get in touch with the brand and its products. That means a clever multi-channel strategy also enhances brand and product awareness, shapes the brand image, helps attract new customers, and keeps existing customers loyal. And, ultimately, this will of course benefit the core business.


is to serve different customer needs through different channels, regardless of the channel through which sales are realised. The result is stronger sales, higher returns, and more satisfied customers and distribution partners.

The challenge

consists in the selection and harmonious integration of new and existing distribution channels. Particular attention needs to be paid to the development of intelligent compensation and incentive systems which take online sales into account.

Our services for you at a glance:

  • Repositioning or new development of your sales strategy
  • Development of a multi-channel strategy adapted to the existing distribution channels
  • Review and new conception of remuneration and incentive systems
  • Adaptation of the existing Internet strategy including partner websites
  • Development of online marketing strategies (lead generation / sales)

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