„A diamond just shines when it is polished.“ (Zakhar Bron)


here are great trainers and coaches today. Our USP is: We did it ourselves and are great in what we do. We offer decades of direct sales practice at all relevant levels as well as decades of training and coaching practice.

Internal Academy


he demographic change and the rapidly improving technology, as well as the increasing need for qualified personnel combined with difficulties to recruit externally, worries many companies. The obvious solution: internal recruitment and development through targeted and bespoke training.

For the majority of companies, it pays to invest in their own internal academy as it can deliver motivated and well-trained executives for each level.

We support you with our many years of know-how around the subject of training and coaching. Our services for you at a glance:

  • A detailed analysis of your enterprise’s needs
  • The development of a concept based on your values and goals
  • If necessary, the placement of successful sales and management trainers to implement any concept
  • Joint measurement of the improvements following implementation

Success depends fundamentally on how carefully the requirements are identified and how closely the resulting concept fits the needs, goals and culture of the company. The choice of suitable trainers and coaches is another crucial success factor.

External Academy


or some companies, it makes more sense to have their own experts developed externally. You would like to use your own trainers and coaches? You want to develop your team or executives and avoid the costs of an academy?

Then let us talk about a tailor-made concept for your company!

Successfully shaping change processes


any direct selling companies struggle with the ‘classic’ challenges:


  • Purchase motives are not recognised
  • Customers guide the vendor, not the other way around
  • Sellers use selling techniques not intended by the system. Is the system wrong, or is the salesperson not properly trained? Usually it is a combination of both.
  • No, or unrealistic, objective
  • Lack of autonomous planning and pursuit of goals
  • Poorly trained executives who put off salespeople instead of improving them
  • The recruiting process works insufficiently. Sellers are lost faster than new ones can be hired.

All this leads to a loss of control, and ultimately profit. Executives and salespeople become increasingly frustrated, confidence and belief in their own success and the company’s growth are dwindling.

The knowledge about exactly which behaviours need to be changed is only half the solution. The other half is the practical knowledge and ability of how behaviour can be influenced into the desired direction.

In collaboration with you we analyse the situation and determine what behaviours need changing and manage the change process.

Improve sales through targeted training.


he most important issues in sales:


  • Mastering the sales process
  • Manage objections
  • Effective leadership in sales
  • Create and shape sales meetings
  • Coach sellers
  • Develop and improve sales skills
  • Present skilfully
  • Great customer service

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